I’ve taken the bus to work for the past ten years. Lately, though, it’s all been going screwy. The regular bus is gone and the only one to come around is “Number 616,” no  matter what stop I get on at. The driver hasn’t got any eyes (not blindfolded or anything. Just black circles) and the passengers all look ghostly. Obviously I’ve been walking – and getting into work late. 

Last week, my friend got hit by a car. Two days later, I met him at my bus stop reading a  newspaper. When 616 showed up, he put his newspaper under his arm and asked if I was coming. I pointed out that that was a terrible idea. He didn’t think so and boarded the bus. I got to work late again. 

I’m a little worried about my friend. Would I be a worrywart or annoying to call and see how he’s doing? 

Walking in Wichita 


Your friend is dead. So… You could call, I guess, but only in a tragic, it’s-therapeutic-to-say-goodbye-even-if-you-know-he’s-gone kind of way. Up to you.

On the plus side, chances are good that the only reason Bus 616 was disrupting your commute was that it was waiting for your friend. Now that he’s finally boarded, your regular bus should be back. So there’s no need to buy a bicycle. Yay?