So. . . I have started experiencing some very alarming symptoms that my doctor will not take seriously. He wouldn’t even talk to me when I said that these symptoms only showed up during the full moon. My symptoms include growing patches of long, dense hair; severe aching in my gums surrounding my canine teeth and a distinct yellowing in the eyes. I also feel sudden urges to make noises. Eerie noises. I hesitate to use the word “howl,” but it fits. Please tell me that I am not the victim of (as I suspect) a neurological condition resulting from a liver disorder that is causing erratic epidermal behaviour as a side-effect.

Hypochondriac in Derbyshire


As someone without (formal) medical training, it sounds to me like a non-malignant virus. Antibacterials won’t help, and you probably already know that the rumors of Vitamin C helping beat back things like the common cold is inaccurate. Thus, I’ll give you more “down-home” wisdom.

Chicken soup is very good. I suspect you’ve been getting a lot of chicken in recently; keep it up. Get in a lot of herbal teas, particularly Arnica Montana (your local herbalist or magical dealer will be able to help you with that). Also, I suggest ingesting silver for a while until it clears up – colloidal or not, it doesn’t matter. While some people laugh at that, it’s always been a brilliant help in my experience.




Down at the office, we’ve had a betting pool for a while. Just four of us – myself, two co-workers and the boss. Jerry is a werewolf, and we bet on who his next victim will be. A new guy just showed up and said that this pastime of ours is “horrible” and “psychopathic.” We don’t want to be rude, but can you give an official answer on how much a new recruit can dictate office culture? 

Betting the Farm in Sugarland, TX 


A new recruit, while by no means in a position to call shots against the will of the majority, can still have a marginal impact on office culture. For instance, he could affect your betting pool by becoming Jerry’s next victim.