Asking for a Friend

Earlier this week, Alistair was asked if it was possible to bring a pet cat back to life. The answer was yes: The cat can be readily reanimated because of the soullessness of cats. Another reader is asking for further details:


Does it work for gingers? 

Asking for a Friend in Almonte

Asking for a Friend,

No. While this aspect of gingers has been questioned frequently over the years, the reality is that they do, in fact, have souls. . . Uncanny, complicated, orangish souls that use different operating systems than those of regular humans, but souls nonetheless. When it comes to the question of bringing a ginger back to life, you can forget it. The process becomes outrageously laborious, dangerous and expensive as soon as a creature has anything soul-like. This is only made more difficult by the fact that you’re trying to replace a ginger soul, which is classified as a specialty OS.

Again, the answer is no. I can’t stress this enough.




I’ve been wondering my whole life… is this all a dream? 

Herding Dragons in Candyland


If so, for the love of whatever it is you love, don’t wake up. You’ve constructed a world of unparalleled depth and detail, full of various beings who have genuine desires to continue existing.

That said, it’s profoundly unlikely that you are the mind at the center of reality. Not only is simulating the entire universe a feat only certain mad gods could pull off, the odds are simply against it.