On Silent


My father, and his father, and his father before him for a dozen generations has had the duty of conducting a ceremony every year on the day of the solstice. By maintaining our purity and performing the ritual, we hold an ancient evil at bay.

Except I forgot to set my alarm and missed it. The world hasn’t dissolved or anything, and so far I haven’t noticed any huge problems. Do I need to do anything to rectify things?

On Silent, Not Vibrate in Luxor

On Silent,

I assume that the ceremony was intended to ensure the changing of seasons, keeping the world in a habitable holding pattern.

If the seasons carry on changing regardless, then it is safe to say that your family ceremonies never had any effect and that it was your patriarchal line that was in a holding pattern.

Either way, there’s nothing that you can do at this point but wait. If the seasons go all sideways, then when the next solstice rolls around you can conduct the ceremony per usual and rectify the situation then. There’s no real point in trying to conduct a belated ceremony now though. That’s just not how calendar triggers work.