Fish nor Fowl


Is it ethical to have a relationship with a fully human man, given that I’m a half-human hybrid? I mean, I’m thinking about the children here.

Fish nor Fowl in Cambridge

Fish nor Fowl,

It’s largely going to depend on half what. A half god is a metaphysical threat, a half fish is a biological oddity. Which is not to say a half god creature is not also a biological oddity (godly genetics come in triplicate, so your typical demigod is actually one third god), but it’s less curious and more ethically questionable. As a general rule of thumb, if you are significantly more ancient or powerful than your partner, the power dynamic is going to take a careful guiding hand (obviously not the hand of the more powerful partner – that’s more or less the whole point). Biologically speaking… it worked once. Presumably it can work again. Whether or not it should is an exercise for the reader. Most likely not.