Last week, I showed up to work early and found my boss stuffing a body into the trash chute. We didn’t say anything but both went to our offices. Things have been a little tense ever since. He seems to feel the same way, giving me a lot of assignments in the basement and back alley. One of my co-workers is a good friend who helps me out on my assignments, and he suggested I offer to golf with the boss. Is that really the best way to clear the air?

Awkward in Anaheim


Yes, golf is nice, but the question we need to ask ourselves is: Is this the season? Given that the weather is lovely, there’s no doubt crowds of people. The indoor putt-putt courses are a trap: they sound flawless in theory, until you arrive and see that there’s a small army of children who don’t appreciate any of the finer points of the game.

Frankly, just talk to him. Sit down and clear the air. Remove all doubts he may have that you did see the body and let him know you would really rather put all that nastiness behind you two in your relationship. In this climate, honesty is a better policy than golfing.