I’ve recently taken up ghost hunting as a hobby. Stumbled into it, sort of, and I’ve sent six of them their eternal rest, if you know what I mean. I’m wondering when a good time to consider going pro is?

RIP in Wyoming


Taking a hobby and making it a profession is one of the most precarious decisions that one can make, especially when you’re relying on something like ghost-hunting. You need there to be a high volume of nuisance ghosts that people are willing to pay you to remove. Sadly, while dead people are no rarity, ghosts are. More than that, less than 30% of “nuisance ghosts”, which are already a small minority, affect humans. Of those people affected, most are either in denial, oblivious or tolerant. So frankly, the market’s not there.

If by “going pro”, you refer to relying on this venture as a source of income, I would say that the time is never. Unless, of course, you find a way to change the factors contributing to the market. Then you might have something.