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If you’re hiding in a closet, say, and there’s a group of faceless men in black looking for you, what’s the best hypothetical way to escape? All just theoretical, but if you could answer really fast that’d be great.

Just Curious in Flagstaff

Just Curious,

My personal first instinct would be to immediately extricate myself from the aforementioned closet for two reasons. The first is that closets are the favored lairs of most species of boogeymen; you’d feel daft if they went wandering in there with nothing more in mind than a quick lurking break only to accidentally find their prey awaiting their arrival. The second is that The Faceless hunt primarily by telepathically detecting intentions. If your intention is “hide from The Faceless in this closet” they will pick up on that and zero in on your location with breathtaking efficiency. So in this hypothetical situation, I would recommend that you leave the closet and start really focusing on your immediate need to do something mundane and unrelated to the events transpiring. Focus your intentions on shopping, cleaning or finding a bird of a specific color. This should throw them off the scent, whereupon they will likely retire to a nearby closet to regroup.