I have awoken from a slumber locking me in the days before the days, in an abyss of  time where aeons pass in the space of a twinkling and seconds are as millennia. This world is new, yet familiar, like the sight of a previous world perfectly aligned with the moments of now. I need someone; someone to understand where I have been and to tell me of the heartbeat, of the sights and sounds of this people. 

Sleepy in Yarmouth 


Given your description of your previous circumstances, I’d have to assume that you are some kind of spirit entity. While I could give you a basic outline of how things are around here, I think that you should go to the ethereal information kiosk where they’re currently offering some really very thorough packets on the subject of reality’s present state. The spirit realm coordinates you’ll need are P126.LM>L999.OL.