The New Guy


I’ve just moved to a lovely new town in Massachusetts. Everyone’s nice enough, it’s all laid back and old-fashioned – maybe even a good place to meet someone special and raise a few. Honestly, though, something’s off. Nothing solid, just a sort of weird feeling about everyone, like I’m in a strange little town in a story that ends badly. What are some ways to get comfortable in a new place? 

The New Guy in Innsmouth

The New Guy, 

Chances are, your weird and slightly neurotic discomfiture with your new surroundings is nothing more than the need to become a member of the local community. This is very simple. Just ask if there are any traditions or neighborhood barbecues that you can participate in. Show up, bring chips, and don’t inquire as to the nature of the food. And for the love of all you hold dear, don’t ask about anyone missing afterward. You probably just miscounted.