All in Black


As a stagehand, I’ve kind of wondered why exactly it is that literally every theatre I’ve worked at has a ghost. At my first show it was the old stage manager from the late 1800s. At my second it was a rich benefactor, most recently it was a murderer who slashed their way through an entire production of Hamlet back in the day. He’s mostly harmless now. 

Is there something about theatres?

All in Black in Madison

All in Black,

There are two factors that contribute to the likelihood that past persons will consistently inhabit any given space:

  1. They have some sentimental attachment to it.
  2. There’s something interesting there for them to do/watch.

The kind of people who die in theatres are likely to care more about theatre culture than the average person; they’re also the kind of people who actually find theatre productions interesting. 

Conversely, the reason that our highways aren’t constantly littered with apparitions (despite seeing far greater numbers of fatalities than theatres) is that nobody cares deeply for highways, nor do most people find traffic particularly interesting to watch.