What is it that makes humans special? I mean, all fuzzy feelings and attachment aside, what?

Hairless Chicken in Lubec


This depends, primarily, on what you define as ‘Special.’ Further, there is the implied importance that what makes you special is in some way continuous. That is, your ancestors and descendants would see each other and say “Ah yes, like me,” before presumably attempting to murder the other as a heretic and invader. It’s a strange trait of – well, I’d say humans, but honestly also aliens, spirits, apes, and most badgers to try to explain how they are, in some way, crucial and irreplaceable to a largely uncaring universe.

There isn’t really something. Thought, dreams, syntax, self-reflection, tool use; all random traits that cannot make you more or less human. In a word, the thing that makes humans special is humanity. And also, for some reason, dumplings. Kreplach, xiao long bao, ravioli; it’s a human cultural universal to fill bread with something and chow down.