Torn in Two


Short-time-reader, first-time-advice-seeker. So, I’m about to graduate from college, and have had a couple of promising interviews. One is a market research position for a small start-up. The other is an assistant to a self-proclaimed prophet hellbent on bringing back forgotten traditions of darker times. Both pay about the same, but the latter has better benefits. Which should I go with?

Torn in Two (maybe literally, dependent on job performance)



That’s the tricky thing about startups, isn’t it? They demand performance, and quick, because they’re a half step from circling the drain like so many pennies in a sink themselves.

While the dark prophet definitely promises better benefits, one has to bear in mind that the thing about prophets is their ‘In for a penny, in for a pound’ nature. He’s already claiming to be in league with shadowed powers and terrifying nightmares giving him a glimpse through the veil of time; it’s kind of small fry at that point to say you provide dental.

Neither job, statistically, is going to last very long. After you’ve weighed the enjoyability of the work itself, think about your exit strategy. Would you rather be hunted by opposing forces, slain as a sacrifice to ever more demanding remnants of ancient forces, or having your mind destroyed from having glimpsed horrors beyond that which man should see; or would you rather have to reenter the job search with a marginally stronger resume? I can’t pretend to tell you which is preferable, as that’s really a personal decision.