I’ve got a bad habit of mowing more or less randomly, instead of in straight lines. Last Sunday, I accidentally opened some sort of portal, and a bunch of things came out. They kind of looked like people on horses, but bigger, and with sort of banner kind of things coming off of them, and they screamed so loud they shattered every piece of glass in the neighborhood. That includes, it turns out, glasses, spark plugs, light bulbs, and watch faces. The neighbors are all annoyed, especially since the things are staying in the area and hunting the pedestrians for sport. Any advice on how to make amends?

Summoning in Seattle



First of all, promise to never do it again. That should be a source of some relief. Also, buy snacks and useful gift cards for survivors of The Hunt. When they see you serving them like that, then they’ll really know you didn’t mean for this to happen. Especially if you fall Prey while going door-to-door with your gift baskets. I mean, rough conclusion but amends would be made.