Sixth Ranger


I’m a sleeper agent assigned to break into a top secret NGO. Turns out it’s actually a bunch of ragtag friends trying to take on the world with nothing but pluck and courage. I’m genuinely befriending a few of them, and possibly even more with one. How do I balance this newfound work/life balance?

The Sixth Ranger in [EXPUNGED]


Sixth Ranger,

It’s famously difficult to serve two masters. A lot of people have commented on the struggle.

The pipe dream here would be that you somehow make your precious friends and their cause indispensable to your original employer so that they all find themselves working together toward a shared goal, with you remaining a member of that merry band as a liaison. Like I said, pipe dream right there.

There’s a 98% chance that you’ll have to choose either your government or your friends while betraying the other. There’s a 1.956% chance that your “friends” are already on to you and are hoping that you’ll choose them so that they can milk you for government secrets. Hence siccing their hottie on you to increase the odds of your turning.

So either hold out hope for that .044% chance pipe dream or… do your dang job.