Standing Alone


There’s a dragon and he’s invisible to all but me. I saw him crash-land in a field near my house where he sustained some minor injuries. Since then, he’s been licking his wounds while circling our village in a predatory manner. I’m certain that he’s planning an attack. It turns out that the local constabulary doesn’t take my story seriously and everyone I speak to on this troubling subject shares their skepticism. How does one raise an army to battle an invisible dragon?

Standing Alone in Kirkwhelpington

Standing Alone,

Your approach to this seems to be vaguely speciesest; logic begins and ends with ‘Oh, a dragon. That’s to be slayed.’ This approach to an injured creature is unhealthy and borderline xenophobic. Social norms are likely the only reason you can be bothered not to make comments regarding the belonging and lack thereof of those who are shorter, lighter, or more Asian than you are.

However, as it is a circling dragon, it’s probably gathering its strength to begin devouring the weak. Lone knights are a long tradition, and there’s a glut of precedence for charging directly at the dragon, sword in one hand and reigns in the other.

Just keep in mind that there’s also a precedent for armor littering the ground where the true hero walks. Definitely keep that in mind.