Uncredited Back-Up Dancer


About a month ago I met my brother for lunch and as we sat in the cafe, he started talking about some challenges in his work. Almost immediately, music started playing – seemingly from nowhere. My brother looked as surprised as I, but was soon singing a catchy song about his work in which effort all the patrons and employees of the cafe joined him. I found myself overpowered by unseen forces and compelled to join in. Alistair, I knew words to a song I’d never heard and steps to a dance I’d never seen. Eventually, we spilled out onto the street where the song ended in a flurry of jazz hands. I have seen this strange phenomenon repeat itself several times since, and my brother – who claims not to know what’s happening either – says that it is happening to him several times a week.

So why is my brother’s life suddenly so fabulous?

Uncredited Back-Up Dancer in Georgetown

Dear Uncredited,

This sort of thing happens on a regular basis to people going through a specific emotional crisis. Typically, it will be an emotional estrangement from a potential lover, though nothing tragically horrific; rather, it tends to be somewhat lighthearted to the objective observer. It will play itself out of the course of – at worst – a year. At that point, your brother will either fall for and marry someone he’s wildly unsuited for, or he will ironically turn his back on them and forget they exist. In the meantime, be a supportive brother and do your best to get a speaking role.