Second Sight


A friend of mine in the bleeding edge computer industry introduced me to “The Machine.” He says it can analyze enormous amounts of data and constants and extrapolate to predict future actions with near-perfect accuracy. He gave me a test run last week. There were so many explosions, and car crashes, and Russians. What do I do?

Second Sight in SoCal

Second Sight,

Algorithmic Timeline Extrapolation. One of the fundamental weaknesses of this theoretical field is its vulnerability to the dimensions of time itself. Basically, you may have explosions, rolling autos and Russians in your future based on what actions you have currently executed, but that could all happen in forty years. Or tomorrow. The ATE computer can’t differentiate. It just knows that, based on what actions you have executed at this point in your timeline (assuming that your entry was complete and accurate), sometime in your future, you will be introduced to those elements. However, every day contains 86,400 seconds. You can change the contents of your future right now by engaging in different actions. To quote the great and revered philosopher of yore: “The future revolves around you, here, now, so do good.”

Also, learn Russian.