Blood: Curdled


I work in a restaurant and this morning I found scratch marks on the inside of the walk-in freezer door. Like some desperate person had tried clawing their way out of the icy darkness. Obviously there wasn’t a body or anything like that. The only other mysterious observation I made was that the stock on the shelves had all been rearranged. I’m completely creeped out here. Please tell me there’s a perfectly rational explanation for this.

Blood: Curdled in Seattle


There’s a perfectly rational explanation for this: One of the previous owners was serial killer who stored his victims in the freezer. Presumably one of those poor unfortunates wasn’t completely dead upon arriving in the freezer and his/her vengeful spirit has now returned from the dead to carry on that last, frantic escape attempt that thwarted it in life. The best way to deal with this is to clearly leave a desired layout of the stock. When it is cleaned to your satisfaction, you can either release her or keep her on as after-hours janitorial service, however you negotiate the deal. Beats being dead, I say.


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