I met my doppelganger – a perfect photocopy of myself. Rather than being an omen of ill fortune or imminent death, he turned out to be a pretty good pal. We get along great, have almost identical personalities and interests, and hang out regularly. So obviously there is some way we can take advantage of this, right? Any suggestions?

Untapped in Stratford


By my reckoning, one person can maintain good relations with half of a family without suspicion. Two, however, can keep nearly one and a quarter without anyone being the wiser. Chores can be split up conveniently. You can put in enough overtime to make a middle-aged man with a failing marriage and multiple teenage sons beg for mercy. Needless to say, you have a perfect alibi for less straightforward dealings as well.

Honestly, though, it sounds like you already have it made. A best friend who agrees with everything you say and finds you a good-looking, parallel thinking kindred soul. More than most married men can say.


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