Maybe I’m Royal


Over the last several months, a sneaking suspicion has been edging up on me. I am perpetually in excellent shape no matter what, I am far more attractive than genetics would allow, ancient languages come fluently to me, and I can occasionally read minds. Is it possible that I am the reincarnation of an ancient king?

Maybe I’m Royal in Kansas City


It does seem that you are very likely a reincarnation of somebody from ancient times. Unfortunately there is a ridiculously slim chance that you could be royalty. Not only does basic demographic math frown upon frown upon that eventuality, but the chance becomes slimmer still in light of how you are both fit and attractive – few royalty posses either of those qualities. You could, however, be a slave. Long days of hard labor in the sun produces healthy, tanned, trim specimens whose empathy with the human condition allows them insight into their fellow man – hence your “mind-reading” powers. You built ancient Roman slum housing or something like that. Congratulations on the ancient languages though!