Brain Day


I have a friend who keeps insisting that she sees evidence of a greater intelligence at work in historical sites/artifacts. I keep telling her that our less evolved ancestry cannot have been more intelligent than we are and insisting that there’s no evidence of any outside influence that could explain prehistoric ingenuity. She remains unconvinced. Could you perhaps weigh in on this discussion?

Never Skip Brain Day in Sioux Falls

Brain Day,

I’m curious as to what, exactly, gives you the impression that the denizens of the past aren’t vastly more intelligent than the current crop of humanity. Is it, perhaps, the high quality of Super Bowl commercials that leads you to the conclusion? Or the fact that there were, for a period, people in space? Or that your cell phone nearly always has signal, meaning that you no longer need to be clever, since there’s a website that can do that for you? Note, incidentally, that all of these are more than likely beyond your ability to replicate; there’s no “We” in this world of intellect. The only reason to assume that Thog or Oilell couldn’t as easily outwit you as bash your head in is that it would be very easy indeed for them to do the latter.